Concrete Finishes

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate finishes are durable and skid resistant. These are ideal for footpaths, courtyards, driveways, patios and pool decks. A range of concrete
products has been specifically designed to expose aggregates, by allowing the top layer of concrete paste to be removed after placement. A variety of aggregate and colour combinations are available in 7mm, 10mm and 14mm.

Rock Salt Finish

Rock Salt Finish is a traditional and easy method for adding subtle texture and slip resistance to plain concrete or coloured concrete. 


A Rock Salt Finish is considered a step above Plain Concrete Finish and Brushed Concrete Finish and is achieved by broadcasting rocksalt particles over wet concrete and then press the grains into the surface with a float or roller. After the concrete sets the salt is dissolved and removed with a pressure cleaner, revealing a speckled pattern of shallow indentations on the concrete surface, similar to the appearance of slightly pitted, weathered rock. While a Rock Salt Finish isn’t elaborate, it has a distinctive look not achievable with any other method.

Coloured Concrete

There are two ways to obtain this finish. The first is with adding a high quality pigment. Blended from high strength iron oxides that is mixed into the concrete prior to pouring. This gives a depth of colour throughout the entire laid slab, allowing for long term colour performance, even if surface scuffing or chipping occurs. 


The second way is to add high quality pigment colour to concrete once it has had its first screed and bull floated. The colour is then worked into the concrete surface with a quality finish. Ie: cove finish, steel trowel or broom finish. Coloured finishes add UV and weather resistant features to driveways, walkways, courtyards and pool surrounds. We recommend sealing surfaces with an industrial strength sealant.

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